The Yog of Being

Yog lets you be

Yog is a being, the acceptance of this awareness in our lives, let’s each state of doing absorb our being.  All variants and structures of Yog; whether known as Bhakti, Janana, Kriya , Hata, Nada, Swara are aimed at reaching higher levels of awareness where mind, body and spirit merge and remain unforced into separation by a limited mental programming. The mind in actuality, is not sub-divisional, but a wholesome unit; it is fragmented because the human intellect understands it better so. The conscious, the sub-conscious and the superconscious are all the states which very much exist for all to be explored, but we are lacking in this belief because of sense patterns and other conditionings we stored into deeper layers of our system to stay unwholesomely loaded, rather than keeping it light to be able accept the unknown possibilities of further evolution and growth. The yogic purpose aims to merge and manifest harmony between Jiva or the gross limited self and the higher cosmic self, known as Paramatman. However, this is just a matter of perception, in early stages of mental development, these two selves are perceived as separate, but with more awareness and expansion of consciousness,  it is understood that they are connected and await the union at source, the duality and differentiation that is a product of patterns plays an agent to transgress barriers to the vaster understanding of cosmic consciousness, where every potentiality of all of creation lies. We are simply the vibrations we send out, what we want to receive we must become, we can not have love till we doubt it, we can not be loved complete, till we can not love unconditionally first. The yogis celebrated the limitlessness of being human, they knew that we infact are the only species that has an intellect to decided and chose every thing we want to be and create, and it is this responsibility vested with us that can set us free too, when we can understand not only the intellectual, but instinctual in us too, when we can listen to the heart and understand the ego, when we can dissolve every fear and still stay humble; because it is only in the subliminal states of being that we can relax our sense or ahamkar to receive and manifest.

So we carry blockages in layers from this or a previous life, the yogic perspective aims to dissolve these loads through various practices such as – ShatKarmas, Mantras, Dhayana, Dharna, and ofcourse Asanas. Most of these techniques can not be absorbed and respected enough till they are not experientially understood, and become a being, rather than doing, through this process, we become more and more aligned with that higher consciousness that we all are created from and connected to, and can recognise our limitlessness and the selves who limit our potential with resistant thoughts and actions. Once we become aware of these unhealthy patterns blocking our creative inherent dynamic nature of creation and dissolution, we can release this stifling tension and we can evolve more wholesome. Yogis and this science of union always encourage the human potential to expand and liberate the self –   rather than to get caught up in limiting patterns of fear and doubt. The science of Yog, and all it’s manifestations are born from this underlying source and also this end purpose – Kaivalya.

Most sufferings in the world – whether individual or collective are due to the pretension of duality, felt real through the chaos and confusions it is creating. When the ‘self’ is up against self or his external environment; his piling desires only create more tension, therefore resenting further the limitations of his sense organs and objects, for their transient nature can never grant him the eternal bliss of knowing who he really is –  the spirit molecule born of the omnipresent vibrational consciousness, the true identity of every molecule and substance present in which ever form, is an integration rather than a separation, the self that springs up from the ego driven limited part of the mind – when it tries to take over the collective expanse of it’s larger and common mind, can only fall short, because he is not allowing wholesome growth and understanding, but is only concerned about protecting the self from the larger more omnipresent self .. sooner or later; these self made limitations witll crumble to his true purpose as he surrenders to his inability to find himself satiated, and then the journey to understand more deeply – these inner and outer dimensions and layers starts to unfold, and Yog is a path on that journey which very well knows the detours, bumps and the several options to get to that destination of bliss harmonious merging with all inside –out. As awareness is the transport that that takes us there, we  know to fine tune it so the paths merge, and there is no resistance, but rather just a feeling of arriving at every moment and journey along the way. The ego driven self only strives to compete and judge and deny or feel like it is being denied by others because it disassociates itself from the cosmic unity and oneness of it’s source – the supreme consciousness. In yoga the actual ‘self’ is known as the spirit molecule, because it only just another manifestations of the so many but born out of and into the same cosmic principal. Our gross reality is an accumulation of waves of different vibrations and velocities. Therefore, yoga aims to restore inner and outer harmony and balance by keeping a check on or dissolving the ego, so the understanding of the ‘I’ can permeate all, and the all can permeate the ‘I’, and in the absence of this resistance, a union can be achieved,  this union is yog, the state of being from which all is, and all which can be in this state of being.

The Yog of Being



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